Foreign Towns & Places

Abadan: (Iran); oil fields.

Aberdeen: Known as Granite City is famous for Britain’s largest granite-exporting industry. It is in Scotland.

Abu Simbal: (Egypt) famous ancient temple cut out of rock by Rameses II.

Al-Aqsa: is a mosque in Jerusalem said to be the third holiest to the Muslims after Mecca and Madina.

Alaska: The territory of the Alaska became a United States possession in 1867, when the American Government purchased it from Russia.

Alexandria: city and sea-port of Egypt founded by Alexander the Great.

Algiers: is the capital town and port of Algeria in North Africa.

Angkor Vat: a ruined city in Cambodia where beautiful specimens of ancient Indian art and culture are found.

Arakan Yoma: is the extension of Himalayas located in Myanmar.

Aswan: (Egypt) on the Nile. Aswan Dam, which is one of the biggest dams in the world, is situated here.

Atacama: Cold desert in South America.

Attock: town in West Pakistan between Peshawar and Islamabad known for oil wells.

Ava: (Myanmar) on the Irrawadi river; famous for many pagodas now in ruins.

Baiknour: is the Russian spaceship launching station (cosmodrome), situated in the hot dusty steppes of Kazakhstan, about 1,984 km from Moscow.

Bangkok: capital of Thailand.

Bastille: a castle or fortress in Paris built in 14th century and used as State Prison for political offenders. Demolished on 14 July 1789 at the beginning of the revolution by the French.

Bethlehem: Palestine; about 9 km South of Jerusalem; birth-place of Jesus and King David; Church of Nativity.

Bibliotheca Alexandria: One of the first and most celebrated centres of learning in human history—the Library of Alexandria in Egypt—has been re-opened by Egypt. Its roots stretch back to more than 2000 years.

Big Ben: (London) is the name given to the clock on the tower of the building of British Parliament.

Bogor Palace: summer palace of the President of Indonesia, situated nearly 64 km south of Djakarta; now being used by the government for meetings and conferences.

Borobodur: is the most important monument, the great Buddhist shrine in Central Java (Indonesia), erected between 750 and 850 AD under the Sailendra dynasty. Built around a natural hillock, the stupa is surrounded by eleven square concentric terraces, the lowest with a length of 131 yards, all adorned with beautifully sculptured panels, depicting in relief scenes of Buddhist legend.

Brandenburg Gate: It was the main gate which separated the Eastern and Western Sectors of Berlin before unification of Germany.

Brussels: capital of Belgium, silk and cotton industries.

Buckingham Palace: in London; residence of the Royal family of England.

Buenos Aires: capital of Argentina on the river La Plata; fine buildings.

Burj Khalifa: known as Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration, is a skyscraper in Dubai, UAE; is the tallest man-made structure in the world, at 829.8 m.

Cairo: capital of Egypt.

Caldor Hall: Caldor Hall, named after the world famed American sculptor, Alexander Stirling Caldor, is a famous Art Gallery in Philadelphia (USA). The sculptural productions of Alexander Caldor in addition to those of other famous artists have found a befitting abode in Caldor Hall.

Canberra: capital of Australia situated 249 km south-west of Sydney.

Cape Kennedy: in Florida (USA) is America’s space-ship launching centre.

Cape Trafalgar: on the coast of Spain; Nelson’s victory in 1805.

Caracas: is the capital of Venezuela. Here, the Third UN Conference on the Law of the Seas was held in June-August 1974.

Caspian Sea: 1216 km long and 432 km wide; occupies an area of 170,000 square miles between Asia and Europe. It is the largest inland sea in the world and is 26 metres below sea-level.

Cenotaph: (London) a monument in White Hall, London, unveiled by George V in 1920 to commemorate those who gave their lives during World War I.

Chequers: in the Chiltern Hills near Princes Risborough, Bucks, in England is the country-seat of the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

Chicago: second city in population and third in area situated at the mouth of Chicago river at the south-west corner of lake Michigan in Illinois (USA). The city is cut by the Chicago river into three parts, joined by bridges and tunnels. It is known for the University of Chicago. There are many fine parks, playgrounds and bathing beaches. It is the greatest Railway centre in the USA. It is also the biggest meat-packing centre.

Colombo: capital, chief town and port of Sri Lanka. It has much strategic importance being situated on a great ocean highway from Europe to the Far East.

Colorado: USA—famous for gold, silver, copper and coal.

Colosseum of Rome: one of the most magnificent ruins of the world and name of the amphitheatre in Rome.

Corsica: an island in the Mediterranean where Napoleon was born.

Cotopaxi: is situated in Equador—a Republic on the Pacific coast of South America—Cotopaxi is the loftiest active volcano in the world with a height of 5,959 metres.

Coventry: England; centre of cycle, motor-cycle and motor-car industry.

Dardanelles: is a Strait between Europe and Turkey in the Black Sea.

Detroit: fourth largest city in USA, known as the city of motor cars.

Downing Street: No. 10 Downing Street is the official residence of the Prime Minister of England in London.

Dundee: centre of linen and jute manufacture in Scotland.

Durban: South Africa; Fort of Natal.

Eiffel Tower: in Paris (France) 300 m high and built at a cost of £ 200,000. It is now being used as a Meteorological Wireless Station.

El-Alamin: Egypt; scene of great Allied victory in Second World War.

Elba, St: an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Napoleon was exiled for the first time in 1814 here.

Empire State Building: (USA) is one of the loftiest buildings in the world; height about 365 metres; it has 102 storeys.

Etna, Mount: is a great volcanic mountain dominating the island of Sicily.

Eton: England; famous for public school founded by Henry VI.

Fleet Street: A street in London running from Temple Bar eastwards to Ludgate Circus. It is named after the River Fleet. The area (with adjoining streets) houses the offices and printing establishments of many of the leading British newspapers and press agencies.

Flushing Meadows: on Long Island, New York (USA) famous as UN meeting place.

Fujiyama: extinct volcano 96 km south-west of Tokyo in Japan; pilgrim resort; height 3778 metres.

Gaza: is a narrow strip of land between Egypt and Israel.

Geneva: Switzerland, venue of many international conferences.

Gibraltar: British fortress and naval base on west end of the Mediterranean (extreme south of Spain); key to the Mediterranean.

Grand Canyon: is a huge gorge 8 to 24 km wide in Arizona USA produced by Colorado river sinking in places to a depth of 1829 metres.

Great Wall of China: 2400 km long wall; its construction was started by Chinese King Emperor Shih Hwang.

Greenwich: England; famous for its Hospital, Observatory and RN College. Longitude conventionally calculated Greenwich meridian either east or west.

Hague, The: (The Netherlands); Seat of International Court of Justice; Art galleries.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon: one of the seven wonders of the world; planted near the Euphrates in 603 BC.

Harappa: Montgomery District (Pakistan); excavation of pre-historic buildings of pre-Aryan days of about 3500 BC.

Harley Street: a street in London known for expert medical practitioners.

Havana: capital of Cuba, cigar-manufacturing centre.

Hiroshima: in Central Honshu (Japan); close to the “Island of Light’’ with the famous Shinto temples; first city destroyed by atom bomb in the Second World War.

Hollywood: California (USA); centre of film industry.

Hong Kong: is called Pearl of the Orient. The British government gave possession of Hong Kong to China on 1 July 1997.

Houston: a city of Texas (USA). It is USA’s Space Communication Centre.

Hyde Park: (London); famous place for public meetings.

Independence Hall: (USA) where in 1776 the Constitution of USA was declared.

Jakarta: capital of Indonesia formerly known as Batavia.

Jerusalem: ancient city and capital of Palestine known as the ‘Holy City’. Christ was crucified here. Jerusalem remained under Islamic rule through conquest by Turks in 1517, till the British occupied it in 1917. In 1948 it was divided between the new republic of Israel and Jordan. In 1956, Israel proclaimed the western part of the city, which they held, as capital. It is a holy city for three faiths: Christian, Jew and Moslem. In June 1967, the Israeli forces, engaged in war with Arab countries, occupied the whole of Jerusalem city.

Jodrell Bank: near Manchester (UK), is the locale of the world famous radio telescope. It has played an important role in international space research.

Johannesburg: South Africa; gold mining.

Kaaba: in Mecca; Muslim shrine.

Kalahari: Desert in South Central Africa; area 20,000 sq miles.

Kalgoorlie: in Western Australia; famous as gold-mining centre.

Kew: situated on the river Thames (London) famous for Kew Gardens.

Kilimanjaro: a high mountain peak in Tanzania near Kenya border (East Africa); height 5889 metres above sea level.

Kimberly: situated in the east of the Kalahari Desert; biggest diamond market in the world.

Kremlin: large fortified citadel in Moscow, now the headquarters of Russian government. The Kremlin, originally built in 1156 by Yuri (George) Dolgoruki, prince of Suzdal became the centre around which Moscow has grown.

Kuala Lumpur: capital of Malaysia.

Leaning Tower: (Pisa, Italy) 55 metres high.

Leeds: England; cotton and chemical industries.

Louvre, The: (France) one of the old royal palaces of Paris turned into a museum by Napoleon I and enriched by him with the plunder of many foreign art gallaries. It houses Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece “La Giconda’’.

Lumbini: is the birthplace of the Buddha. It is in Nepal.

Manila: capital of Philippines; famous port.

Mecca: the holiest city of the Mohammedan world in Arabia, where the Prophet was born. It stands in the desert, about 72 km east of Jidda. In the centre of Mecca is the Great Mosque, in the courtyard of which is the Kaaba. It is a place of pilgrimage and Muslims from all parts of the world visit it for Hajj every year.

Merdeca Palace: Official residence of the President of Indonesia in Jakarta.

Mexico City: It is the capital of the federal republic of Mexico, South of N. America.

Mohenjodaro: is in Sind (Pakistan); site of excavation revealing preAryan Indus Valley civilization.

Monaco: a principality on the border of France. It is notorious for gambling.

Monte Carlo: It is one of the three sections in the principality of Monaco, situated on the Riviera about 14 km east of Nice, France. The place is one of Europe’s most luxurious resorts and famous for Monte Carlo car rally and other festive and sporting events. Monaco Grand Prix motor race is also held through the streets of Monte Carlo.

Mount Blanc: highest mountain peak in Europe. It is in the Alps on the confines of Italy and France; longest road tunnel in the world.

Nagasaki: in Japan; second city destroyed by atom bomb in World War II.

Nairobi: capital of Kenya in East Africa; game hunting centre.

Nankana Sahib: birthplace of Guru Nanak. It is in the Sheikhupura district now in Pakistan.

New York: Financial capital of USA, is situated on the river Hudson.

Notre Dam: is a bay in Newfoundland, Canada.

Nuremberg: is a city of Bavaria in Germany noted for its ancient buildings and a castle. It suffered about 75 per cent devastation in the Second World War. During Hitler’s regime, it was the scene of the annual rallies of the Nazi party. In 1945-46 the trial of Major German war criminals was held here.

Ottawa: capital of the Dominion of Canada; situated on the Ottawa river.

Panama: is a strip of land 75 km long by 16 km wide extending 8 km on either side of Panama Canal administered by the USA.

Pearl Harbour: in Hawaii Island (USA); Naval Base; scene of Japanese attack in World War II.

Pentagon: in Washington. It houses many Government offices of the War Department of the USA

Philadelphia: (USA) place where Americans framed their constitution and declared their independence on 4th July, 1776.

Phnom Penh: is the capital of Cambodia.

Pisa: a town in Italy famous for the leaning tower of Pisa one of the wonders of the world.

Pittsburgh: It is the second city of Pennsylvania (USA) famous for Pennsylvania University which rises to a height of 163 metres and has 47 storeys. It is a great port producing steel, coal, natural gas and petroleum.

Point Nemo (Latin for “no one”) is one of the most remote location on Earth. It’s a spot in the South Pacific between Australia, New Zealand and South America that’s farthest from any land. Another name it has is the Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility, and it’s also where NASA’s spacecraft go to die.

Pompeii: ruined city in Italy; Destroyed AD 79 by volcanic eruption.

Potala: once Dalai Lama’s palace, in Lhasa, capital of Tibet.

Pyramids of Egypt: are vast stone or brick-built structures on the west bank of the Nile. They date back to about 300 BC. The largest is called the Great Pyramid which is 146 metres high and is one of the seven wonders of the world. Three lakh men were employed for 20 years to build it. These Pyramids have inner chambers and subterranean entrances, built by pharaohs as royal tombs.

Red Square: It is a famous open space in Moscow linked with the Kremlin by three gates, used for political demonstrations and processions. Lenin’s mausoleum is in the Red Square.

Rome: capital of Italy; on the River Tiber; one of the most famous cities of the world also known as eternal city.

Ruhr: Germany; famous for rich coalfields and heavy iron industry.

Sargossa Sea: The areas of stagnant waters formed in the centre of the ocean currents are often referred to as ‘Sargossa Sea’. It is without a coastline.

Scotland Yard: The Metropolitan Police headquarters in London from which the force is administered. CID headquarters.

Sheffield: industrial city in England; famous for cutlery and steel goods.

Sphinx: in Greek mythology, is a winged creature with a woman’s head and a lion’s body. The great Sphinx at Giza is in the form of a lion with the head of a pharaoh built in 2900 BC.

St Helena: British Island in South Atlantic; place of Napoleon’s imprisonment in 1815-21.

St Petersburg: Also known as “Venice of the North”, the tricentennial of Russia’s graceful city was celebrated in May 2003. Earlier known as Leningrad, it is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and is the second largest city of Russia.

Stratford-on-Avon: in England; birthplace of Shakespeare.

Suez Canal: ship canal (Egypt). It connects the Mediterranean (Port Said) with the Red Sea (Suez).

Sun belt of USA: is important for Food Processing industries.

Taxila: in Pakistan; site of excavation; old seat of Buddhist culture and famous for ancient Taxila University. It was a great centre of trade and commerce during the Gupta period (320-647 AD).

Tel Aviv: magnificent city in Palestine built by the Jews. Capital of Israel.

Texas: largest State of USA; largest cotton producing region in the world.

Trafalgar: Cape Trafalgar is famous for the naval battle fought between the British led by Admiral Nelson and an allied naval force of France and Spain in 1895. Admiral Nelson won the battle though he was himself killed in action.

Vatican: The Papal State of Italy; an independent territory; the palace of Pope in Rome. It includes the Church of St Peter.

Vendenberg: (California) is the 110-milion-dollar US Air Base of the Strategic Air Command named after the late Air Force Chief of Staff, General Hoyt Vendenberg.

Venezuela: republic in South America on Caribbean coast; is one of the largest oil producing centres of the world.

Verkoyansk: is situated in North East Siberia (Russia), Verkoyansk is the coldest place in the world. Its temperature goes down to 94° below zero.

Vesuvius: famous active volcano of southern Italy.

Victoria Falls: on the River Zambesi, Zambia Central Africa; these Falls, the greatest in the world, are 1700 metres wide.

Vienna: Headquarters of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). Capital of Austria.

Virginia: one of the Southern States of USA; tobacco growing area.

Volga: longest river in the Russia.

Wailing Wall: It is the western wall of a Jewish temple which had been built in Jerusalem 200 years before Christ. The temple was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70. The Wailing Wall is the only extant sign of the temple and has been worshipped by the Jews for nearly 2000 years now.

Wall Street: a street in New York; centre of US Banking and Finance.

Waterloo: Belgium; famous for the battle of Waterloo which marked the end of Napoleon’s power.

Wembley: is the famous sports stadium near London where all important sports are held.

Westminster Abbey: (London) where many British sovereigns, persons of eminence and unknown warriors are lying buried.

White Hall: London; Government Offices.

White House: is the official residence of the President of the USA. It is located at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.

Wimbledon: in London; famous for Lawn Tennis Court.

World Trade Centre: The World Trade Centre (WTC), in New York, USA, was bombed by terrorists on 11 September 2001, using two commercial aircraft. More than 6000 people were killed in the attack. WTC took seven years to build and was completed in 1973 at a cost of $ 750 million. The two 110-storey towers briefly served as the world’s tallest buildings until the Sears Tower in Chicago surpassed it in 1973 at 433 metres.

Yellow Sea: sea between northern China and Korea.

Yellowstone: is a Lake in the Yellowstone National Park of USA.

Yukon: in North America is 3,200 km long river Canada-Alaska; flows N.W. and W. into Bering Strait. It is navigable for 1920 km.

Zambesi: River in S.E. Africa. It flows east to Mozambique channel, Indian Ocean.


Site                                                         Location

Al-Aqsa                                                 Jerusalem
Aswan Dam                                         Egypt
Big Ben                                                 London
Brandenberg Gate                              Berlin
Broadway                                             New York
Brown House                                       Berlin
Buckingham Palace                            London
Burj Khalifa                                          Dubai
Calder Hall                                           Washington
Cenotaph                                              London
Colossium                                             Rome
Downing Street                                    London
Eiffel Tower                                         Paris
Empire State Building                        New York
Fleet Street                                           London
Grand Canyon                                     Arizona (USA)
Harley Street                                        London
Hyde Park                                             London
India House                                          London
Kaaba                                                    Mecca
Kremlin                                                 Moscow
Leaning Tower                                     Pisa
Louvre                                                   Paris
Merdeka Palace                                   Jakarta
Oval                                                       London
Pashupati                                              Khatmandu (Nepal)
Pentagon                                               Washington
Potala                                                     Lhasa
Procelain Tower                                  Nanking
Pyramid                                                 Egypt
Red Square                                           Moscow
Scotland Yard                                      London
Shwe Dragon Pagoda                         Rangoon
Sphinx                                                   Egypt
Statue of Liberty                                  New York
St Sophia                                               Constantinople
Vatican                                                  Rome
Wailing Wall                                        Jerusalem
Wall Street                                            New York
Wembley                                               London
Westminster Abbey                            London
White Hall                                            London
White House                                       Washington