Art & Music


Lalit Kala Akademi: was set up in October 1954. It is devoted to the promotion of the study and research in painting, sculpture, architecture and the applied arts.

The Akademi (i) co-ordinates the activities of the regional or State Academies, (ii) encourages exchange of ideas among various schools of arts, (iii) publishes literature and fosters inter-regional and international contacts through exhibitions, exchange of personnel and of art objects.

Sangeet Natak Akademi: was inaugurated in January 1953. Its main task is the survey of and research in different art forms of India. It records and films the art forms. It organises and sponsors seminars and festivals to develop art. It also establishes new art institutions.

Sahitya Akademi: was inaugurated in March 1954. It seeks to achieve improved standards in the field of literature. It aims at fostering and coordinating literary activities in all the Indian languages to create among the people the consciousness of the basic unity of the literature in various Indian languages and thus to promote through them the cultural unity of the country.

National Book Trust of India: was set up in 1957. It seeks to (i) encourage the production of good literature and make available such literature at moderate prices to all institutions and o the public, (ii) the Trust aims at publishing standard works on education, science and culture, (iii) it also aims at publishing classical Indian literature, translation of foreign classics and of Indian classics from one regional language to another. The publication of all such works of the Trust is undertaken by the Publications Division of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.


There are two classical Schools of Indian Music: (1) Hindustani School of the North and (2) Karnatic School of the South.

Classical Schools of Dancing: Bharatnatyam, a dance style of classical dancing in Tamil Nadu. Manipuri, a dance style of Manipur. Kathak, a dance style which has its origin in northern India (Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh). Kathakali and Mohiniuttam are classical dance styles of Kerala. Odissi, a dance style of Orissa. Kuchipudi, a dance style of Andhra Pradesh.

Trinity of Carnatic Music: Thiagaraja, Muthuswami Deekshithar and Syam Sastri.

Mathura School of Art: was influenced by Gandhara School of Art.

Gopuram: was the main feature of South Indian temple architecture.